8th March is an International Women's Day in history, KOUPREY Creative Solutions is happy to share and celebrate the social media campaign called "DARE TO CHALLENGE". We are committed to supporting women in our business and achieving equal opportunities for women.

Why Dare To Challenge?
The campaign is about making our female employees' voices louder and they will tell us why they are willing to challenge themselves in this challenging world. Also, our women at KOUPREY CS are going to celebrate the work of women creatives, and the work cultures of women's careers thrive and achievements.

Let's #DareToChallenge makes a difference, to think globally, and act locally. Make everyday as International Women's Day to ensure that the future for girls is bright, equal, safe, and rewarding.

• Project Leader: Sereinyta SON
• Project Coordinator: Sovannorak LY
• Creative Director: Nix
• Graphic Designer: Vanlina SOK
• Photographer: Chanvutha SOK
• Lighting: Vattanak PRANG
• Participants: Delin, Muntha, Nyta, Pin, Pipor, Roza, Sophea, Thamny, & Vanlina

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