Grand Phnom Penh City—spearheaded by the leading property developer, Chip Mong Land—is 260-hectare home to the amenity-rich new luxury residential units, villas and world-class golf course and ground-breaking designed Central Park with warmth and environmental friendly as well as a livable community, aiming to enrich the residents’ lifestyle more than just a normal house for all Cambodian people.

To inspire the concept of wisdom, royalty, prophecy, and divine favor, KOUPREY Creative Solutions is very delighted to be part of this luxurious and persevering project to refresh and thoughtfully design the elegant branding and identity works, by bringing its brand identity to life. Specifically, we made brand uniqueness for Grand Phnom Penh City with the clean-cut concept, yet natural fancy, as a premium and high-end quality which its color was inspired by the shade of blue sapphire. We believe our talents will brighten up this top-notch project with a palpable sense of “Not a House, It’s a Home!”.

• Client: Chip Mong Land - Grand Phnom Penh City
• Sector: Property
• Design: Branding
• Year: 2020

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