Three Corner Coffee Roaster Packaging Redesign


Three Corner Coffee Roaster is the first international standard coffee brand in Cambodia as it continues to set the coffee industry’s high-quality. Three Corner Coffee selects only the best beans from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam with carefully roasting to give coffee-lovers the most consistent flavor.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the coffee company, KOUPREY Creative Solutions is proud to be a part of this renovating package design. This beautiful innovative coffee package is not only to preserve the coffee’s taste but also to protect the product from sunlight, moisture, and oxygen, yet with the same quality, convenient brewing, and origin information. More importantly, the design and visual outlook of the coffee package is originally inspired by the indigenous tribal farmer’s traditional dress with the stripes below each package and it will brighten the uniqueness of its brand identity.

Cultures of the Bunong inspired our team to design the packaging regarding the outfit of traditional Bunong. The stripes, the colors are the main elements of new packaging to make the products standout and visually appealing on its own.

• Client: Three Corner Coffee Roaster
• Sector: Retails
• Design: Packaging Redesign
• Year: 2020

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